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Genival Lacerda Is Now In Paradise He Left The Earth At 89 Years Old

Genival Lacerda Singer passed away at 89 years old victim from covid-19

The lost, in the dawn of today (7), an of his greatest icons: the singer and composer Genival Lacerda, aged 89, as a result of covid-19.

The news was released by family members on social networks. Lacerda was
admitted to the intensive care unit of the Unimed Hospital, in Recife, since the end of November.

Born in Campina Grande, in 1931, a city ​​that is considered the capital of forró in
Paraíba, Lacerda has authored hits such as Severina Xique Xique, Whose is this donkey? and Radio of Stack, amid about 70 disks launched by him – the first of them, recorded in 1955, when he had already moved to Pernambuco. crypto power review

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Encouraged by his brother-in-law, the musician Jackson do Pandeiro, Lacerda moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1964, where he worked in some forró houses. sierra leone

The career jump only came in 1975 when he released the song Severina Xique-Xique – famous for the verse “he has his eye on
her boutique “, made in partnership with João Gonçalves.

The disc sold about 800 thousand copies. Stroke and covid-19 In May, before being contaminated by the new coronavirus, the musician had already suffered a
stroke (stroke).

Genival Lacerda had been worsening in your health condition in the last few days, to the point for the family to use Samsung galaxy s21 social media to ask that people donate blood to help you. WhatsApp group

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