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Feedback: Get Online Loan From Your Bank | Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin

*Feedback required* You loaned your friend $4,000,000 last year BUT since then he has refused to pay back, which has really deteriorated the friendship. You begged him to just pay you $2,000,000 and forget the rest because you are in a financial crisis.

Your friend then says he can only get you $1,500,000 since that’s all he has.
You had no option but to accept. You gave him your account details to send the amount directly to your bank.

Only to wake up the next morning, checked your account and there is $15,000,000 in it.
You kept staring at the screen in disbelief but it is indeed 15Mn naira.

You grabbed your phone and found 53 missed calls from him and an additional 27 text messages begging you to transfer back $13,500,000 since he only meant to send N1,500,000 and accidentally added an extra “0.”

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As a well-brought person, what are you supposed to do?
1. Send back $13,500,000?
2. Take your full $4,000,000?
3. Keep the entire $15,000,000?

*Food for thought*

This is my own opinion: You may have a potential case if you don’t refund timely, You may miss a potential opportunity if your phone is switched for a long period of time.

While I understand that there might be a possibility that the whole 15 million doesn’t belong to the debtor, I will certainly retain the amount owed and return the rest ASAP. Or I Will take $15M to do business for 10years and finally return his balance.

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