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A friend of mine who’s a Bolt Driver was taking me home from church after service 4 Sundays ago, so along the airport road, a convoy of Prado and Lexus Jeeps was behind us.

Since they were at high speed, my friend quickly maneuvered his car away from the fast lane to the last lane close to the drainage along the Umar Musa Yar’adua Expressway popularly called Airport Road.

Looking ahead of the overtaking vehicles, I saw the seal of the Governor of… (state withheld) it’s a state in the South.

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Despite moving from the fast lane to the last lane, one of the Governor’s pilot vehicles still brushed my guy’s car, breaking his side mirror and causing heavy bruises on the body of his Toyota Corolla Sport which he acquired on hired purchase.

He quickly pulled over by the roadside to see the damages. He looked so disappointed and said Josakin, please enter let’s go.

I never knew my guy intended to give the convoy a chase. He did and eventually caught up with them around Central Area.

So I asked what he would do, and he said the Governor must fix his car today. Hmmm….. I believed him cos I know him during our university days as an activist, my guy took shortcuts using Area 11 axis.

We arrived at the lodge and my guy parked at the gate, blocking the entrance. He came down and sat on the floor, less than two minutes later the governor’s convoy arrived.

To cut the story short, the Governor came down himself looked at the car, and apologized. Immediately, he queried the security details in that particular pilot Jeep and said he was sure the damages won’t cost more than ₦500,000 to fix, so he directed that the sum of ₦1,000,000 be given to my guy to fix his car and to say he’s sorry for the inconvenience.

Within 2 minutes, the alert of the payment of ₦1 million as ordered by the generous governor was confirmed. I assisted in calling a Panel-Beater, the man came and said everything with workmanship and painting would cost ₦98,000.

By Tuesday afternoon, my friend’s car was already intact, in fact, it looked more beautiful than it was. I was happy for him, at least he got an extra ₦902,000 wow! But unfortunately, my guy did not even say Josakin, take something, and I didn’t bother to ask because it’s his car and his money.

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I only assisted by accompanying him and linking him up with an experienced Panel-Beater and Painter.

Perhaps his conscience is not letting him rest, so he called last weekend asking that I send him my account details to appreciate me for my efforts during our encounter with the Governor 4 weeks ago. I objected but my guy pleaded and insisted, so I sent him the account details.

I got an alert of ₦10,000. I was like I don’t understand… So I called to appreciate him and then ask if I guess he made a mistake, he said no and that I should please manage the 10k because he had a lot of family and personal issues to spend money on. I said okay thanks, brother.

So while I was on my way to church last Sunday, I withdrew the 10k and put it in a white envelope and after the second service, I went to his Service Department to hand over the envelope to him.

I told him that’s your 10k, thanks, brother. He said I should try to reason with him. I said I refunded the money because I know you need it to sort out your family issues.

Binance Crypto Investors Refund Comments

The dude went to the guy’s service to refund the cash in person. Funny! 😅

If it was 100-200K would you have refunded the money? I don’t know if this is a fictional story or not, the 10K was a gift, so I don’t see why he should refund it, I just feel the guy was having a sense of entitlement that he could have had more.

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Is true that the 10k is a gift, do you also know that the dude took a risk in following him to give a governor convoy a hot chase and even blocking an entrance to his house.

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This is a risk that can take the life of both of them

In this life, don’t do a favor for anyone and be expecting a reward. The other guy too no try, and now he knows to say he has family issues. So mind the kind people you keep as friends.

He wasn’t expecting such huge money.

It was a miracle

If someone had told him to bring 100k to get 1m, he would have found it to get the money.

It’s a true-life story that happened to one of my friends
Bro you do well as you refunded him, he’s too greedy.

So what if you didn’t call him for work? Will he get the money 🤷

It is a stray bullet he collects and dies on the spot, they will hold you responsible that you are the one that killed him, this is how so people go just dey do rubbish as if other people don’t have family issues.

I swear if am the one if I no see 100-200k I will still refund cos I was there live and if anything happens to him I will be the one to answer the quarry.

Family issues kill him if you do not call him to work, won’t he survive?

They too get the family issue, if a small miracle happens like this they go rush channel goes rubbish family issue.

I ask again what if nah bullet the guy collects?

What if the guy does not call him to work, will he see 1 million, will the car be scratched. the answer is No.

Why did he rush to channel the money put into a family issue, so the person that is there with him has no family issue?

Omo Nah nonsense is that, if Nah me that place you go run transfer self.

Couldn’t read at night cos of the length, but now I just have to start my day with it, funny enough! You did the right thing so he won’t be like he gave you part of the money.

Nah this kind thing I dey like involve myself 🤣🤣

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Omo, he goes run transfer there if the balance way he carries no go solve family issue make he go die 😂

Sometimes, you allowed the fool to act wisely so that the wise can truly show the difference between being folly and being wise.

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