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Is Crypto-dream Scam or Legit? Read Review

This is our reviews concerning — we aim to see if this platform is another scam in the making or a legit site that rewards its investors. Keep reading to know if the Crypto dream review are good or bad.

Platforms like are very common on the internet these days, they promise to reward you handsomely within a ridiculously short period of time. But nearly all of them never kept to their promises.

The answer is YES, the income program is legit and not a scam as of today 30-04-2021, We have investigated the platform and found it worthy of credibility. However, We are not trying to promote or recommend you to join the platform. The decision is sorely yours to make. is an investment platform that pays you when you register with your package of preference and take active participation on their website via the earning system.

The platform pays without referral and they claim to be legit, however, I can’t assure you a long run so it’s up for you.

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Is Crypto-dream Different From Others Crypto HYIP?

In this review, we’re leaning on our research of this platform and an overall user experience to give a final verdict. We’ll touch on what is and the reasons for our verdict (whether a scam or a legit platform).

Crypto-dream has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars from 23 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their Investment. ranks the first Page among Cryptocurrency sites.

What Is Crypto-dream?

Crypto-dream was created on the 29th of April 2021 as a Crypto Ponzi website with quite a ridiculous time for returns. They promise to return double of your investment when you invest on their site in less than 24hrs.

All you’re required to do is simple tasks like advertising the platform on other related forums.

Few things to note:

You are not allowed to refer yourself if you try it no payment for you. there are a lot of people who are into cheat referring to themselves do not make such mistake to get your money doubled if at all is going to pay you.

Is Crypto-dream Scam?

Check the table below you will see the list of people that was scam recently by

  1. Galian Lale $450
  2. Johanna Dolia $330
  3. Opamon Motal $900
  4. Orta Noma $80
  5. Zara tally $55
  6. Belia Zakky $60
  7. Palu Caram $400
  8. Damo Rexen $250
  9. Sara Ralie $45
  10. Balson Jara $220

This is a review Please run away don’t invest here because is a risky investment site (PONZI).

What Is The Minimum Investment Amount? minimum deposits or investment amount varies you are to invest what you can afford to lose. do not carry your house/electricity bill to invest in  because you might lose.

*This is Crypto-dream minimum deposits = $10.

*Then the maximum deposits is $500.

List Of Payment Systems Are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DGC)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Perfect Money (PM)
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Etherium (ETH)

This model deployed by the Crypto-dream is not as new as we’ve seen and still see other platforms use the same model with a promise to reward users endlessly. But has it always been as planned? Read on to find out.

Crypto-dream Investment Plans Are:

  • Basic 100% After 24hrs > Min Deposit: $50 > Max Deposit: $100.
  • Business 200% After 48hrs > Min Deposit: $100 > Max Deposit: $200.
  • Premium 300% After 72hrs > Min Deposit: $400 Max Deposit: $1000.
  • Referral Program: 10% – 5% – 3%.
  • Registration Bonus: $5.

Is Crypto-dream Legit

Despite a well-formed and explained model, there are a lot of pointers saying the platform is a scam. From all indications, this is another Ponzi scheme.

Don’t be deceived by payment proofs you see on the internet or other sites that claim this site is legit.

The thing is, sites like this pay early investors which in turn brings more investors and suddenly they close leaving a lot of investors’ money. so when investing use your brain. Reviews – Other Reasons To Prove As Scam Site:

 No real names behind the platform: With the depth of research to find out the faces behind this platform, we found nothing. This means that if anything goes wrong (which eventually will) there’s no one to hold accountable.

 Not regulated: is not registered with any regulator, They are bound by any rules which means they can do as they want with investors and no one is going to put them back to like.

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It might interest you to know that no legit platform does business without registering with the appropriate regulators. This, in turn, gives investors the belief that they get a fair dealing and where to run to if they feel otherwise.

 Unbelievable Return on Investment: They promise to return 100% in 48hrs, that’s too good to be true. They surely will do everything to convince the early birds that they are legit so they can spread the word. But for how long can they keep up churning those high returns to investors. For sure, sooner or later, they will go with investors’ money.

 Affiliate is also too good for a good company: They pay really high for individuals and HYIP to promote the site. Another similar attribute of scam sites in the past. User’s experience as seen on forums has a poor rating with very few saying they’ve been paid and with the majority not getting paid.

Crypto-dream Is Partially Legit That’s My Opinion About Review

The reason why I’m saying that is that they don’t pay all their users, They scam Peter to pay Paul. If you feel like investing your money there, please always invest what you can afford to lose that’s my advice for you, Bewise Online.

This is The List Of Top10 People That Was Paid By

  1. Palson Alta – $605
  2. Haipa Yoba – $50
  3. Kereal Kedinan – $20
  4. Yoram Nana – $55
  5. Ferar Mava – $8
  6. Haro Fara – $45
  7. Villa Sarah – $40
  8. Elisa Pally – $15
  9. Fafammy Nanny – $60
  10. Feyer kelly – $150

That’s It Guys.

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The above crypto HYIP is now a 100% scam Ponzi project site, don’t invest your money there, or else they will run away with your money.

Last Words For Review

Our verdict here is that is a scam platform and you shouldn’t invest in it. Rather, seek trusted platforms with risks and benefits all spelled out for all to see.

And you should be clear with clear pointers when you invest in a scam platform. The very first thing has to be the high returns followed by a very short ROI time.

Please drop a comment if have receive your fund or not, your comment help others to know what to do next with their money. Thank you for your understanding.

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