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Combot Whatsapp Group Link For News And Tips

You can get Combot news and tips directly on the WhatsApp group link. When you join remember to ask questions so that people in the group will help you out.

How To Enable Or Disable Combot Anti-Spam

Combot Anti-Spam (CAS) is now available to everyone, free of charge. It is automatically enabled for all our groups. If you wish to disable CAS for your group, you can do so on its settings page.

What Is CAS?

CAS is an abbreviation for Combot Anti-Spam, a system that helps prevent spammers from infiltrating groups that have Combot installed. If a user with a spam record attempts to join a group with Combot, the CAS system will ban that user immediately.

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The CAS system has been shown to be effective in detecting spam without any human involvement. Group administrators may choose to ban specific users and report spam, but they cannot CAS ban users.

CAS bans prevent users from joining CAS-secured groups. Group administrators may issue a normal ban, but these are not as severe as a CAS ban. We cannot prevent normal bans at Combot; whoever runs the group can ban users for any reason they desire.

CAS bans are permanent and cannot be removed by Combot community managers. If a CAS ban is determined to have been issued incorrectly, it will automatically be removed.

If you wish to discuss Combot Anti-Spam with the community, you may do so here. There is a zero-tolerance policy for spam, Combot does not automatically contact the owners of banned accounts in most circumstances.

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You will not be banned by the CAS system unless you send spam to CAS-secured group chat.

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They are thousand of things you’ll learn when you join the Combot WhatsApp group chat because great scientists are available to guide you on what to do daily.

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