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Canada Scholarship For Canadian Students

Canada scholarship

Canadian Scholarships Givers

As a Canadian student givers are always around to give out scholarships to encourage the youth to study more. So get yourself ready as they come to give give you the scholarship.

I transferred 5100 twice they debited twice and the customer is yet to receive it because they showed me fail transaction please help.

My customer was debited 5k and showed approved but my terminal was not credited I was using my phone hotspot for my terminal but lost it. my phone now I put a sim inside now please how to connect to make it work wahala please I need help

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Please I can’t recharge the light since Sunday, is anyone experiencing the same?
Good morning everyone, I’m open to retrieval of the terminal. You will get half of what you paid. Once I get an agent that will use it. Please send me a DM if you are no longer using your pos terminal.

I’m referring to people who stopped using their own. Good evening everyone, I just did a transfer, they debit me but the transaction is not showing in my wallet and the person has not received the money, what should I do?

Good evening all please l need the DOTPAY new Whatsapp number l made a mistake and deleted the email they sent to me about their new phone number please help a sister

The Scholarship Network Is High

What’s happening with this scholarship network of a thing? the answer is, the scholarship is something every student is after now.

Just I did I deposit for a customer, and the money was debited but d customer is yet to receive the money Good day all, please call the withdrawals I’m doing since morning is not entering my wallet.

Good afternoon sir Please I did a withdrawal and the money hasn’t been reflected yet. But it showed success but have not seen it yet We are aware of the successful withdrawal not impacting your wallet.

We’re assuring you they’ll all reflect soon It’ll be advised you keep receipts and records so you can confirm when it starts to add up

Apologies for the inconvenience Me too, my own since on the 9th, today again what kind of wahala is this, the customer are waiting.

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Kindly be informed that some transactions have started Impacting on agents wallet and in case some of these transaction comes back as XX, Do not Panic

Kindly advise your agents to log the transaction as dispute and it will all be credited to the agents wallet.

How to log a failed withdrawal transaction

  • Click on the failed withdrawal transaction
  • click on Log transaction dispute
  • input the agents phone number in this case and proceed

Within 2-3 hours all transactions would have been settled

Understand The Scholarship Process

Thank you for Understanding how the scholarship process work, I just did another transaction now, and they are not still reflecting, pls u people should help oooooh what is happening to my pos an.

Scholarship pay should reverse all my money, l have not seen it all, this is how it happened last year and up till now am yet to receive that money.

Dot pay u people should do something, my terminal does not reflect my transaction after showing successful, pls I need help, help me Plz oo Dotpay u guys should do something about this wahala oo

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Dotpay shld upgrade pls so we can enjoy d terminal d way it use to b. Deir services is too poor fr some time now With the once that comes with xx how do l see the customers to login dispute
pls I transferred 43k to someone his yet to see d moni and I hv bn debited already

Good evening house.Pls I have not been using my POS for some time now, due the battery issue. ( The wire connected to the battery cut). Now want to start using it, were can I get battery? and hope am still connected?

Thanks, Sir are you the one buying the battery Or did you ask for it? That’s what the company sells battery at That’s the price of pos battery everywhere Allow those who needs battery to get it in peace I sourced for battery because of this person, not you yet you come to tell me 2500.

If you go to choba yourself you would have spent at least 2k to and fro plus 5k I did dis transaction first before I did d second one which d person later received.

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