Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
amazon log


I’m going to teach you how to use amazon log and start buying items for free via AWS activities logs from UK, Canada, and Nigeria.

How To Get Free Amazon Log Activities

▪️ Buy an amazon log from any legit vendor

▪️ Log in to the site or app website (you don’t need any vpn)

▪️ Buy any of the available products you want and add to cart.

▪️ Click on confirm order and change the shipping address of the products to a location like market or bus garage close to you.

▪️ After that click on “PAY FROM AMAZON BALANCE” and proceed to checkout.

▪️ Your order will be confirmed and your goods will be successfully shipped to the address you put.

▪️ You’re good to go, Your orders will be delivered to you successfully.

Warning ⚠️ In the carting process, you will be asked to provide, Name, phone number, and address. Make sure those details are fake.

  • Name: should be different from your real name.
  • Phone Number: either yours or a new one
  • Address: Must be a public place like Garage or Market.

▪️ They will send a code to your phone on the day of delivery, you will provide the code to the delivery man as your Identity to make sure they are delivering to the right person, which is You.

▪️ Get your goods and sell them or keep them for your personal use..
It’s your choice.

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