About Us

Whatsappgroupchatlinks.com (W.A) was launched in 2020, by Ubong Udoh, a blogger and web designer from Nigeria. Taking W.A Blog to the top wasn’t easy, but I envisioned and has thus developed, W.A as a platform of trending Games and Gadgets Tutorials.

Our Mission

Whatsappgroupchatlinks.com Blog was created with a mission to:

To help users get access to Top trending Tech News, Create, share and publish the best Android & computer tricks and guides in the world find and showcase articles from the newest or most established writers Express my love for technology, games, and Technology Tricks Provide Free browsing Tutorials in Africa to help youth get access to the internet for free

Our Vision

We hope to become the world’s Number one spot when it comes to Free browsing tuts, Reviews, HOWTOs, Tech, Tweaks, and more other stuff we offer.

Invite your friends, families, and enemies here as we have a lot to offer! Don’t be stingy, please.

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