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4 Best Bluetooth Headphones to buy in 2020

Four Best Bluetooth Headphones to buy in 2020.

The best Bluetooth headphones aren’t the cheap $40 products that are widely accessible on each e-commerce site. Quality doesn’t often come cheap. If you want the best of anything, you must be ready to pay a lot of money.

In this guide, we bring you a listing of the best Bluetooth headphones in the market. Be ready to spend $100 and over to purchase any of these. That’s at N35,000. That is not much in the grand scheme.

You’ll receive your money’s worth though. From the words of Small Doctor, “If you no get money, hide your face!”

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Qualities of the Best Bluetooth Headphones

Great audio quality, great build quality, fantastic battery life (anything out of 5 hours and above is good), and relaxation.

These are the outstanding qualities of the best wireless headphones.

There are scores of strong wireless headphones out there. So, why did we go with just four?
We did since too many options end up confusing the purchaser. Have you read these posts that give you the 20 best blah-blah this-and-that?

How can you feel after being hit by 20 options?

Thus, if you want the best Bluetooth headphones in the market today, pick one from these four:

1). Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport headphones: $130.00. The Jaybird X4 is fantastic for physically active people — adventurers, health enthusiasts, sportspeople, and so on. Why? These are accredited IPX7 waterproof headset. This means that you may shed the X4 wireless cans at the 1-meter thickness of water without any fear of harm.

2). Apple Airpods two: $145. Apple’s 2nd production Airpods are next on our list of Bluetooth headphones. They are not marketed as offering any sort of security, but you are able to dare give it a go. So why are they here? Well, since they are Apple products. Seriously, they’re great, security or not.

Some say that they look good, but not everyone agrees. All these have an IP56 rating, which means that they are protected even when they encounter strong water jets. The 65t is as water-proof as long as you don’t dip them in water. Do not go swimming together.

3). JBL Under Armour Authentic Wireless Flash headphones: $170.00. These are rather large for earbuds, but don’t worry about the size: those JBL headphones are extremely comfortable to wear.

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4). Bose SoundSport Wireless/Free: $199. In addition to strong sound quality, the Bose SoundSport is also sweat-resistant, which makes it great for the workout sessions. It isn’t waterproof, but being able to handle sweat is a bonus.

Above are the best Bluetooth headphones and earbuds in the marketplace these days. All of these offer very good audio quality.

You need to use these to appreciate this, and therefore don’t turn up your nose at them. They’re the summit of the package. Additionally, they offer very excellent design and build quality, user comfort, and very good battery life.

Finally, go a bit and give yourself a deal. You work hard to earn your income after all. Kindly share this post.

If you have anything to say just drop your comment below.

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